The Strategy

Standing together as a powerful and unified force to restructure this country and run it correctly

The Decision

Enough lies, cheating and abuse

Let’s say enough to the lies, cheating and abuse in government and stand together as a powerful and unified force to restructure this country and run it correctly, not by abusing people and resources, but by nurturing, respecting and preserving them.

There are few opportunities for school leavers. Their only hope is to leave the country. We need to fund new academic institutions and create work for them. If we don’t do this, the next generations will leave the country and leave a big skills gap in our economy. The Unity Group together with all who join us are building a support base for all South Africans to promote business opportunities, accountability and unity so as to increase wealth and employment.

South Africans once united have limitless power to grow and prosper. We need to understand this. The government and politicians want to keep us divided because they know how powerful we will be once united. Let’s stand together and become the solution to build a new and more powerful nation than ever before, to see the Rand once more one of the strongest currencies and to attract and welcome back all who left the country. This is a time for healing and strengthening each other. A time to take hands with one another and create a powerful new future. We have been talking democracy since 1994 without ever seeing it, now is the time to bring it into effect. Where every person is free to apply skills and energy without racial or political laws to limit them. Without this needed change, South Africa will continue it’s downward slide.