About Us

A united people living without divisive politics

About Us

Michael Southwood

The system of economic governance that was shown to Michael Southwood during that time of retreat in 2014 was, and is still completely revolutionary. No other country uses a system like this. As he spent time meditating on what he had heard, he realised that there can be no better system, where governance is fair, where every individual’s voice counts and where everyone shares in the wealth of the land. It took the events of March 2020 for a stage to be set for people to become receptive to change, and with the help of the South African people it is possible to remove the politicians who have become a curse to our country.

About Us

What does this non political governance system look like?

It is a system of governance based on economics instead of politics. Where the country is run profitably with all the people sharing in both the profits as well as all decisions that need to be made.


How the people’s money is spent is agreed upon by all the people, and not by a group of politicians who by and large have little financial know how.


International companies that export their goods to SA will be forced to manufacture or assemble locally, creating more work for our people.


The leadership of the country will be on an appointed basis with the ability to terminate or reward any position based on performance.

Making South Africa great together.

Sir Seretse Khama; ” A country is a business, and I will run Botswana as the most profitable business in Africa”

A country is more than a business, and I don’t think he meant to neglect saying that. A country is it’s people, cultures, hopes and dreams as well as so much more.  We need to run our country profitably so that we can do away with poverty, and help people to achieve their dreams and everything else they want for their lives. South Africa is still in the list of top ten richest countries on earth. There is no reason for people to be starving and there is no reason for anyone to be out of work except for very bad management, which The Unity Group aims to correct with your help.

Diverse people in a seminar

We invite all South Africans to join us and take hold of this vision of making our country greater than it ever was before. We can live and work together without division. If we all agree to do one thing together, let it be this. Let’s forget the differences and think about a country of politicians, parliament and political control.

This is for the freedom of all future generations. We don’t need to be dictated to by politicians who waste and steal our money, and demand we obey senseless laws. We will make our own decisions and run our own country, and under this structure we will be able to do so.

United colleagues standing in a huddle with their hands together