The Unity Group

Stronger Together

Non Political economic governance

Governance that unites the people

The Challenge

Politics, politicians and parliament have failed us and will always do so. We need a new system of governance.

The Concept

An inspired system of people centric economic governance.

The Goal

The country managed by the people themselves where the very best person for the job fills that position.


Uniting South Africa through an economic governance system, without politicians and political parties.

About Us

A United people living without divisive politics.

The facilitator of The Unity Group is Michael Southwood.

The Unity Group was birthed during a solitary retreat on a mountain in Riversdale, Western Cape with Michael receiving a clear understanding of how a country should be run on an economic platform. Without divisive political elements, and where the people themselves would run the country and employ their leaders as opposed to electing them.

Making South Africa great together.

Join Us

The Unity Group is building a support base

The Unity Group together with all who join us are building a support base for all South Africans to promote business opportunities, accountability and unity so as to increase wealth and employment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have every community and culture working harmoniously together.

Creating Awareness

The Unity Group has a number of initiatives running and new ones being added regularly to create awareness and understanding of their strategy.

Strategic Thinking

The government and politicians want to keep us divided because they know how powerful we will be once united. Let’s stand together and become the solution to build a new and more powerful nation than ever before.


Unity Business Accreditation

The Unity Group Business Accreditation.

Business accreditation is offered to all businesses who would like to be associated with The Unity Group’s accountability structure. This accreditation is offered to everyone, but will be limited to a select number of businesses of a type in any given area.